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Is ChatGPT Really Useful That It Can Replace Traditional Search Engine?

Sik-Ho Tsang
3 min readFeb 17, 2023
ChatGPT (Image from Jonathan Kemper via Unsplash)

There are a lot of noises upon the release of ChatGPT. Many demonstration tutorials are already found in the Internet.

But what did entrepreneurs and researchers say about ChatGPT? Knowing what they are thinking may help us imagine our future.

Jensen Huang (NVIDIA CEO)

ChatGPT is iPhone Moment
  • Huang mentioned that ChatGPT is iPhone moment. Everything (Spreadsheet, Photo Editor, etc) connects to ChatGPT becomes better.

Bill Gates (Microsoft Co-Founder)
  • “AI software like ChatGPT is the most important innovation right now,” he mentioned in a Podcast.

Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, & Twitter CEO, Co-Founder of OpenAI)

Elon Musk on World Government Summit in Dubai
  • It is good and bad. We should concern about AI safety. And regulation is needed.

Sam Altman (OpenAI CEO)

  • Many of people think that if ChatGPT will replace traditional search engine.
  • “I mean, I don’t think ChatGPT does [replace Search]. But I think someday, an AI system could.” Sam mentioned.

Yann LeCun (Winner of 2019 Turing Award, VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta)

ChatGPT Make Stuff Up
  • Yann in Twitter mentioned that the problem of LLMs now, e.g.: ChatGPT, is that they make stuff up.
  • This is really a viewpoint from NLP research.

Stock Market

  • What ChatGPT affects immediately is the stock market.
Nvidia (NVDA) stock price has risen a lot in this month. (Jan to Feb, 2023)
Alphabet stock price dropped a lot at the early Feb recently.
  • ChatGPT is a very good tool but there are still rooms for improvements.
  • The release of AI products/services, such as ChatGPT, affects the stock market very much now. We should notice much more about the new AI products/services in the future.
  • I only grabbed few of their comments here. There are also other famous CEO and researchers commenting about ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Indeed is a sibling model of InstructGPT:

[2022 NeurIPS] [InstructGPT]
Training Language Models to Follow Instructions With Human Feedback

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