Reading: ARTN — Artifact Reduction Temporal Network (Codec Filtering)

Temporal-CNN Architecture, Outperforms ARCNN, VRCNN, VSRNet, DS-CNN


1. ARTN: Network Architecture

ARTN: Network Architecture
(a) Original Inception Block, (b) Modified Inception Block

2. Experimental Results

JCT-VC sequences: training set
JCT-VC sequences: test set
PSNR & SSIM on Test Set Using HEVC, H.264/AVC and MPEG-2 Codecs
(a) H.264/AVC. (b) ARCNN. (c) Baseline. (d) ARTN. (e) Ground Truth.

There are many visualized results in the paper. Also, there are also results about the flickering effect. Please feel free to visit the paper if interested.

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