Reading: CNNIF & CNNMC — Image Compression Using VVC, 1st & 2nd Places in CVPR 2018 CLIC (Codec Filtering & Intra Prediction)

27.90% to 30.80% Average BD-Rate Reduction Compared with BPG (Better Portable Graphics)


1. Codec Implementation

Hybrid Video Coder With CNNMC and CNN In-Loop Filter (CNNIF)

2. CNN based In-loop Filter (CNNIF)

Dense Residual Unit (DRU)
CNNIF Network Architecture

3. CNN based Mode Coding (CNNMC)

CNNMC Network Architecture

4. Uncertainty based Resource Allocation (UNRA)

5. Experimental Results

The participants are required to submit an encoded file for each test image and the total file size should be less than 0.15 bpp.

The performance of the proposed approaches.
RD Curves

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