Reading: GVCNN — One-For-All Group Variation Convolutional Neural Network (HEVC Inter)

Outperforms CNNIF & Zhang VCIP’17. 2.2% Average BD-Rate Reduction Under LDP.


1. Fractional Interpolation in HEVC

Positions of different fractional pixels

fh(·) and fq(·) represent the learned mapping between integer pixels and grouped variations of half- and quarter-pixel positions, respectively.

And GVCNN attempts to estimate the mapping function.

2. GVCNN: Network Architecture

GVCNN: Network Architecture

3. Training Data Generation

Training Data Generation

4. Experimental Results

BD-Rate (%) on HEVC Test Sequences
BD-Rate (%) on UHD Sequences
RD Curves for 3 Sequences
BD-Rate (%) on HEVC Test Sequences
GVCNN Separate Models
Hitting Ratios

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