Reading: QE-CNN — Quality Enhancement Convolutional Neural Network (Codec Filtering)

Outperforms ARCNN, VRCNN and DCAD, 11% BD-Rate Reduction Against HM-16.0


1. Introduction to ARCNN

ARCNN Network Architecture

2. QE-CNN-I: Network Architecture

QE-CNN-I Network Architecture
QE-CNN-I Configuration
QE-CNN-I Variants

3. QE-CNN-P: Network Architecture

QE-CNN-P Network Architecture
QE-CNN-P Configuration

4. Experimental Results

PSNR Gain (dB) Compared to the Conventional HEVC Using LDP Configuration
BD-Rate (%) Against the Conventional HEVC
DMOS/Sharpness Difference Scores at QP = 37
Time Analysis for CTU, 1080p frames and 720p frames

5. Results for Time Constraint (Real-Time) Scenario

BD-Rate (%) Under Real Time Scenario

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