Reading: Santamaria ICMEW’20 — Analytic Simplification of Neural Network based Intra-Prediction Modes (Fast VVC Intra)

Simplified Solution for NN-Based Intra Prediction, Much Lower Computational Complexity


1. Conventional NN Intra Prediction in VVC

Conventional NN Intra Prediction in VVC
NN Model in VVC

2. Proposed Simplified Solution

2.1. Linear Model without Intercept

Linear Model without Intercept

2.2. Linear Model with Intercept

Linear Model with Intercept

3. Experimental Results

3.1. BD-Rate

BD-Rate (%) & Time (%)

3.2. Mode Usage

Average mode usage per block size.

3.3. Computational Complexity

Number of multiplications required to generate a block.

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