Review: MemNet — A Persistent Memory Network for Image Restoration (Denoising & Super Resolution & JPEG Deblocking)

DenseNet-like Network, Outperforms SRCNN, ARCNN, RED-Net, VDSR, DRCN, DnCNN, LapSRN, DRRN


1. Network Architecture

MemNet Network Architecture

2. Memory Block

Memory Block

3. Multi-Supervised MemNet

4. Experimental Results

Ablation study on effects of long-term and short-term connections
The norm of filter weights
SISR comparisons with start-of-the-art networks for scale factor ×3 on Set5.
Average PSNR/SSIMs for noise level 30, 50 and 70 on 14 images and BSD200
Qualitative comparisons
Average PSNR/SSIMs for scale factor ×2, ×3 and ×4 on datasets Set5, Set14, BSD100 and Urban100
Qualitative comparisons
Average PSNR/SSIMs for quality factor 10 and 20 on datasets Classic5 and LIVE1
Qualitative comparisons

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