Tutorial: Generate Microsoft Visual Studio Solution for VTM+360Lib— 360-Degree Video Using VVC Codec (Video Coding)

360-Degree Videos are supported in Versatile Video Coding (VVC), which is a newly developing codec by Joint Video Expert Team (JVET)

Sik-Ho Tsang
4 min readMay 16, 2019
VTM + 360 Lib for 360-Degree Images/Videos (Photo source www.hardwarezone.com)

This tutorial involves the steps to generate the Microsoft Visual Studio Solution for the reference software of Versatile Video Coding (VVC) plus the support of 360-degree video library, i.e. VTM (VVC Test model) + 360 Library. In particular, the version right now is VTM-5.0 + 360Lib-9.1. Let’s get started. (Sik-Ho Tsang @ Medium)


  1. Download the VVC Codec
  2. Download the 360 Library
  3. Generate Visual Studio Solution Using CMake GUI

1. Download the VVC Codec

2. Download the 360 Library

Context Menu
  • Make sure the URL of repository is the one you have just copied. Click “OK” to download.
TortoiseSVN Export
  • After finished downloading, click “OK”.
Finished Downloading
  • The source has been downloaded. You may zip it as a backup.
  • Now, we got two sources, one is VVC. One is 360Lib. We need to combine them to form a 360-degree VVC codec.

3. Generate Visual Studio Solution Using CMake GUI

  • There are two files in the 360Lib, “360Lib-9.1_README.txt” and “360Lib-CMakeReadme.txt” about the generation of solution.
  • First, follows “360Lib-9.1_README.txt” to copy the files from 360Lib to VVC.
  • There may be differences depending on the versions.
copy ./{360Lib}/source/Lib/Lib360 to ./{VTM}/source/Lib/
copy ./{360Lib}/source/Lib/AppEncHelper360 to ./{VTM}/source/Lib/
copy ./{360Lib}/source/App/utils/App360Convert to ./{VTM}/source/App/utils/
copy ./{360Lib}/cfg-360Lib to ./{VTM}/
  • where {360Lib} and {VTM} are the paths of 360Lib and VTM respectively.
  • Actually, in the above text files, there are tutorials teaching us using CMake to generate solution in MS Visual Studio, as well as CMake in Xcode and Linux. There is a way to generate the VS solution using command prompt. This time, we use CMake GUI.
  • Download and Install CMake from https://cmake.org
  • Create the folder “build” in the VTM root directory
  • Open “CMake (cmake-gui)”, Enter the VTM root directory as source path, and the VTM build directory as build path, then click “Configure”, as below:
  • A prompt asking about the Visual Studio version comes up:
  • It depends on the Visual Studio version you have, as well as the version supported by the codec.
  • In my case, I choose “Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64”, then click “Finish”.
  • After that, it becomes:
  • Depending on the settings you want to enable, like WPP, 360, the relevant boxes should be checked.
  • This time, we check “EXTENSION_360_VIDEO”.
  • Then, build a VVC without anything enabled. Click “Generate”.
  • Generating done” should be shown.
  • There should be “NextSoftware360.sln” in “build” folder. We can use Visual Studio to open it.



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