Review — Two-Stream ConvNet: Spatial and Temporal Networks (Video Classification)

Video Classification/Action Recognition Using AlexNet-Like Two-Stream Spatial and Temporal Networks


1. Two-Stream CNN: Network Architecture

Two-Stream CNN: Network Architecture
(a),(b): a pair of consecutive video frames, (c): a close-up of dense optical flow, (d): horizontal, (e) vertical component dx of the displacement vector field
ConvNet input derivation from the multi-frame optical flow

2. Experimental Results

Spatial Stream ConvNet UCF-101 (split 1).
Temporal Stream ConvNet UCF-101 (split 1).
Temporal ConvNet accuracy on HMDB-51
Two-Stream ConvNet accuracy on UCF-101 (split 1)
Mean accuracy (over three splits) on UCF-101 and HMDB-51



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